Aberlour Futures Delivers Engaging Workshops for Little Clouds Nursery

November 1, 2023

Recently, we lead another successful interactive training day for our friends at Little Clouds Nursery in Aberdeen. Tailored to their needs, the workshops allowed staff to build skills in creative arts, promoting children’s rights, and effective communication.

The nursery staff divided into groups that rotated through three 1-hour sessions. The smaller group sizes allowed for hands-on practice and active discussions between staff.

The creative arts workshop explored using drawing tools, art, music, and light and shadow work with torches to encourage creativity with children. Practitioners learned about and discussed the importance of creativity in childhood development. As one staff member reflected, “I learned a lot about the effective ways of creative play and how it isn’t about the end result; it’s about the fun in the process of making it.”

The children’s rights workshop involved reflecting on practices that empower children to make choices in their daily lives. Participants learned new ways to implement children’s rights concepts from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

The communication workshop discussed how the staff can communicate with children of all ages, as well as with colleagues and parents. The groups examined overcoming barriers through strategies like visual aids and processing time.

Little Clouds Nursery staff gave overwhelmingly positive feedback. One staff member told us, “The workshops were excellent and I’m glad we received them. It makes you see things from another point of view”. Another team member said, “[The workshops] supported me to get new activity ideas, and also gain a better understanding of children’s rights and effective communication.”

Thank you to the wonderful team at Little Clouds Nursery for welcoming us back to facilitate another fantastic training day!

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