Skills for Work National 4 and 5

Preparing young people for the World of Work in Early Learning and Childcare

The Skills for Work in Early Education and Childcare Programme (National 4/5) is designed for young people to learn about the essential skills and qualities required for working with children and young people and to understand the key skills employers look for. The aim is to support young people to make a positive career choice and learn about the available jobs and qualifications required.

The Programme is delivered in Secondary Schools within the school timetable.

The course is made up of four units which are the foundations of childhood practice and for learning about important life skills in contemporary families, child development and children’s play.

AberlourPic : Peter Devlin

Child development


Working in early education

Contemporary Families

What are the benefits?

  • The course consists of a wide range of practical tasks and experiences to support learning.
  • You learn key employability skills.
  • You will learn about the theory that underpins childhood practice.
  • You can progress to the Foundation Apprenticeship Programme.
  • It will enable you to get a job in early learning and childcare and access a Modern Apprenticeship through Aberlour Futures.

How to Apply

Express your interest in the course by discussing it with your Guidance Teacher; we will support you in school to apply for a place and meet with you for an informal interview before being offered a place!

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