Aberlour Futures Foundation Apprentices: Spreading Christmas Cheer and Learning Valuable Skills

December 21, 2023

Building Skills and Holiday Spirit with Makaton Sign Language

The talented Foundation Apprentices at Aberlour Futures Aberdeen are ringing in the holiday season with a heartwarming project that blends festive cheer with valuable skill development. Partnering with Queenswellies nursery in Aberdeen, they embarked on a journey to learn Makaton Sign Language, a communication system that supports individuals with speech and language difficulties.

Simone, a dedicated staff member at Queenswellies, generously volunteered her time for several weeks to teach the apprentices the iconic Christmas carol “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” using Makaton signs. The apprentices eagerly practiced their newfound skills, culminating in a visit to the nursery on December 18th. There, they joined the nursery children in a joyous holiday singalong, filling the room with the melody of Rudolph’s tale and the warmth of shared camaraderie.

Spreading Holiday Cheer Beyond the Classroom

The spirit of giving wasn’t confined to the classroom. Eager to make a difference in their local community, the Aberlour Futures Foundation Apprentices embarked on a heartwarming fundraising campaign. With dedication and teamwork, they raised an impressive £420 for Mission Christmas Cash for Kids, a charity also dedicated to supporting disadvantaged children.

This wasn’t just about raising money; it was about giving back to their community. The apprentices, along with their tutors, devoted their time after school to carefully select and purchase toys and treats that would bring joy to children in need. Their efforts culminated in a generous donation that will undoubtedly brighten the holidays for many local youngsters.

A Season of Growth and Giving

The Aberlour Futures Foundation Apprentices have demonstrated that the holiday season is more than just merriment and presents. It’s a time for learning, growing, and spreading kindness. They’ve not only honed their communication skills through Makaton sign language but also embraced the spirit of giving back by supporting their community. Their story is a heartwarming reminder that the holidays are truly magical when filled with learning, teamwork, and generosity.

Watch the Apprentices Shine!

Don’t miss out on seeing the apprentices showcase their Makaton signing skills! Click on the link below to watch their delightful rendition of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”