Elevating Early Learning: A Glimpse into our Interactive Workshops

August 17, 2023

We were thrilled to work with Rocking Horse Nursery and deliver an interactive training session to their full staff team in Aberdeen. The workshops focused on early childhood development and allowed the staff to learn new ways of working and enhance their current good practice for the children they work with.

Our team put together three taster session workshops, delivered with the needs of the nursery staff team in mind – “Mind Maps and Talking Tubs,” “Promoting Children’s Rights,” and “Promoting Effective Communication.” Each session gave the staff a chance to learn about different ways to care for children in a way that is tailored to each child’s unique journey.

Our approach embraced the benefits of smaller groups, allowing a chance for us to tailor our learning to individuals. Staff also had time to share and reflect on what they learned with their colleagues.

Staff at the Rocking House Nursery enjoyed the fun and interactivity of the workshops. They acknowledged that the workshops helped them gain new insights by using real-world examples and through group work. The nursery staff also had a chance to learn about new tools including 3D mind maps and understand the importance of effective communication, even in non-verbal forms.

We appreciate that the ever-evolving landscape of childcare requires flexibility and understanding. The workshops also addressed the impact of Covid-19 on children’s development, emphasising the importance of supporting communication and emotional expression, even in challenging times.

Let’s Work Together!

Our workshops can be held in a variety of professional settings. Whether you’re in the early years sector, a childminder, part of after-school care, or an integral part of local authority settings, these workshops are designed to serve your needs and the needs of your staff team.

Our next two workshops are scheduled for 9th September. If you’re interested in getting involved, please don’t hesitate to connect with us today.

To get involved, contact us via email through futures@aberlour.org.uk or call us 01224 518571.

rocking horse nursery staff in aberdeen training with aberlour futures